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Executive Manager, Plarebel

An vossen



An Vossen was already at the cradle of Plarebel in 1996.
For more than 20 years, she has been building expertise and extending her network, whilst supporting and advising on plastic recycling. In this role, she has been working as a consultant for Fost Plus with regard to the collection, sorting and recycling of household plastic packaging waste in Belgium. She contributed, among other things, to the development and optimisation of the extended collection to all household plastic packaging types; which is now becoming a reality!
In 2018 she launched a new future trajectory for Plarebel to expand their product portfolio beyond the scope of household plastic packaging waste. Today Plarebel profiles itself as the Belgian catalyst for the circular value chain for plastics. Through the development of technology, searching for new applications, bringing together key players and actively sharing knowledge, An Vossen has the ambition to set society down the path towards a more circular approach for all plastics.
Her career has also led her to specialise in packaging ‘design for recycling’ and new recycling technologies such as bottle-to-bottle and chemical recycling. Information and knowledge transfer, and the provision of training within and between various key players on all aspects related to plastic waste, plastic recycling and the circular economy for plastics has become a passion of hers.
An Vossen is also an active member of EPRO, the European Association of Plastics Recycling and Recovery Organisations, where she is leading the Working Group on Household Packaging Recycling. EPRO and its working groups provide a unique forum for the leading specialists in plastics waste management in Europe to exchange information on technological projects, new technologies, improving quality, etc. about plastic recycling throughout Europe.
As leader of this EPRO Woking Group, An Vossen has played an important role in the creation of the European PET Bottle Platform (EPBP), a voluntary initiative grouping technical experts in the field of PET design and recycling for the evaluation of new technologies; together, they aim to provide an objective evaluation of new technologies and an independent assessment of their impact on PET recycling processes across Europe. EPBP is supported by the EPRO, EUPR, Petcore, Unesda and EFBW.
An Vossen is also active in other industry associations and initiatives, and is constantly looking for new opportunities to respond to the many challenges in the transition towards a circular economy for all plastics.


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